20th Anniversary

2 August 2019


We have turned 20!

It was the 2nd of August 1999. Tito Isaac was standing in the middle of Circular Road, in the heart of Singapore’s business and financial district. He was looking up at the attic window of a pre-war shophouse. He was only 29 years old and had started his legal career as a military prosecutor. His wife Angela stood next to him, it was her 29th birthday. But she was about to spend it helping him move boxes and second-hand furniture up an impossibly long flight of stairs to the tiny shophouse attic he had rented for his new office.

Tito was branching out on his own.

He hired one secretary, bought two computers and placed three client files on his desk. Then he got down to work — in a profession he truly loved. 

Today is the 2nd of August 2019 and it has been 20 years since Tito started climbing those long stairs.

With his wife still by his side; with the encouragement of his brother; with the support and trust of the many clients whom Tito and the firm have served over the years; and with the outstanding efforts of the many lawyers and secretaries who still are, or were once, part of the firm — the team has now grown to a staff strength of over 65.

The firm now occupies the penthouse floor at 1 North Bridge Road. The building has excellent elevators but, sometimes, Tito still takes the stairs.

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