At a time of significant change in the legal industry, we are determined to continue being relevant as we have done since we were established in 1999. With a team of 30 lawyers and over 40 support staff, the firm has the resources and expertise to serve in all areas of the law.

Who we are

Tito Isaac & Co is a homegrown, Singapore law practice founded in 1999. We advise, plan and execute legal solutions to help individuals and enterprises preserve, protect and build on their strategic interests and business positions.

We provide a full suite of services ranging from litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, specialist & private client interests to corporate advisory and transactional work.

Our counsel is swift, efficient, responsive and decisive, and seamlessly integrates into every client’s activities and operations. We tailor our approach to each case based on its own unique and dynamic needs using human-centered methods for creative problem-solving and innovative, but sensible, solutioning.

Our legal advice and solutions are designed to be successfully applied in a diversity of industries and markets including SMEs, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Startup & Fintech, Hospitality, F&B, Retail, Healthcare, Government and Public Works as well as matters with a regional and ASEAN dimension.

Our story

We’ve noticed that more and more, people are looking for an integrated solution to their legal needs.

We put it down to intensified competition and today’s rapidly evolving methods of doing business and clients’ expectations.

Lawyers are trying to stay ahead of the game, and realising that they need to project a holistic message and take a nuanced approach – one in which pragmatism and specialised industry knowledge effectively ties in with other forms of legal and strategic advice to succinctly deliver a coherent problem-solving roadmap.

This is a blueprint that has become the bedrock of how Tito Isaac & Co takes care of business.

Our multidisciplinary law practice stems from a broad conceptualisation of legal services – one that encompasses business strategy, design thinking, finance, and other aspects of project and case management. At Tito Isaac, we are inspired by the promise of rebalancing fairness and adding value in our everyday relationships and environments – and into our lives.

Why Us?

We understand that every client’s need is unique. We tailor every step, in line with our clients’ needs. We work for the best interest of our clients, with our clients. We do not just stop there. We manage our client relationships with the view to build long-term, mutually beneficial professional relationships.

We are independent – we are proud to be motivated by our passion, never by monetary incentives linked to billings or target revenues. We are honest – from the fee our clients’ pay to the security of their cases, our team treasures the trust of clients and aims to guard our clients’ interests at all times without compromise. We are constantly on the lookout for the best – our rigorous selection process allows us to pick only the best of people, systems and clients.

Our Reputation

We have a reputation for providing an excellent legal service. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find creative solutions to complex of legal problems. Our clients recognise and value this. Our reputation is confirmed by our rankings in the Legal 500 (Asia Pacific) directory.

Our Culture

We maintain excellence through collective effort and a willingness to share expertise. The variety of our work is such that it suits many different personalities, unified by a common goal of quality of service. The atmosphere here is friendly and supportive – everyone’s contribution is valued. We also believe that people should enjoy their work. This culture reinforces our approach and is integral to our success.


"When we needed legal representation, we immediately thought of Tito Isaac & Co. Kawal was assigned to our matter. He exceeded our expectations, working tirelessly, exploring every avenue and patiently advising us on our options; in the end, we achieved the best outcome we could hope for, with minimal stress. We are definitely going back to Tito Isaac & Co. for all our legal needs." Sebastian V.

“As a professional couple working in Singapore, we regrettably found ourselves involved in a commercial dispute with a large multi-national company. We approach Tito Isaac & Co. to assist us in resolving the matter in a timely and amicable manner. This was certainly achieved, with our sincere appreciation going to Mr. Kawal Singh for his unwavering professionalism and expert counsel.” Maija Burtmanis & Chris Mead

We are indeed happy to announce that our firm has been recognised as a SMARTLAW Singapore Law Practice by the Law Society. The SMARTLAW recognition is awarded to law firms that have adopted technology to improve its work and to increase its productivity.

Our firm has over the years adopted several technologies, and online research tools. In addition, we are also digitising our files, a work in progress. The adoption of technologies, and research tools has enable us to improve our work, and to increase our efficiency. These has enabled us to provide sterling services, and care to our clients.

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