Banking, Insolvency & Debt Restructuring Practice

Ho Seng Giap
[email protected]
Head, Banking, Insolvency and Debt Restructuring Practice

Wide spectrum of commercial litigation for clients in the areas of banking and hire-purchase.

Ready to Advise
We have advised companies in the areas of banking, hire-purchase and corporate law. We are at all times ready to advise new ventures on the applicability of commercial law with respect to the new ventures.

A Long View
In our effort to provide the best legal solution, we help our clients to work out the rroadmap identify potential pitfalls and the areas that need close attention.

We guide our client throughout by assisting, advising and complying with the client’s needs every step of the way with the expertise and resources at our disposal. We have acted in a wide spectrum of commercial cases.

How may we help you?

With a responsive team of 30 lawyers, your case is safe in our hands.

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