The Copyright Bill

The Copyright Bill is set to come into effect in November 2021 .

Read the update [PDF . 3MB . 9pages] at this link:



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The Copyright Bill, first read on 6 July 2021 was tabled for a second reading on 13 September 2021 and was passed on the same date. The Copyright Bill is set to come into effect in November 2021 and therefore will only apply to agreements, if any, entered into after the Bill has come into force. The key changes that were proposed and which will be introduced are explored in this update.


01. Default ownership of works
02. Acknowledging creators and performers
03. Communication of copyright work without the copyright owner’s authority
04. Equitable remuneration for sound recordings
05. From “Fair Dealing” to “Fair Use”
06. Use of online materials for educational purposes by non-profit schools
07. New exception for uses of works for computational data analysis
08. Facilitating the work of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums
09. Adjusting existing provisions for print-disabled users
10. Protecting certain exceptions frim being restricted by contracts
11. Setting an expiry date for the protection of unpublished works


Read the update [PDF . 3MB . 9pages] at this link:


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