​Securing the best possible outcome for the client with committed and flexible service.​

Best Outcome

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. In dealing with such a case, topmost in our minds is securing the best possible outcome for the client with committed and flexible service. Because, at times such as these, the last thing the client should feel is burdened by strict hourly-rates.

Productive Analysis

The client needs a lawyer who is ready to provide a productive analysis of his situation, one with a proactive strategy who is passionate for his defence.

Passionate Defence

Our Firm is focused on building a strong, credible defence; and, in appropriate cases, highlighting any and all mitigating factors clearly before the court.

Proactive Strategy

Another important task is to fully prepare the client for the rigours of the trial, ensuring that the client is aware of his options and is satisfied with the approach chosen for his defence.

White-Collar Crime

If you are charged with a white-collar crime, you would do well to engage a lawyer with the specialist knowledge and experience this area. Our lead Partner in Criminal Litigation Practice was attached to Singapore’s one and only white-collar crime enforcement agency for two years, advising CAD investigators on money laundering, prosecutorial and investigative matters.

Decades of experience

Our criminal lawyers have combined experience of more than two decades acting as both prosecuting and defence counsel, having served as Deputy Public Prosecutor or prosecutors in Government Ministries prior to joining the Firm.

Military / Court Martial Cases

We also have lawyers who were a former military prosecutor and former President, General Court Martial Centre both of whom have vast experience in military prosecutorial and defense matters.

Juvenile Cases

​The Firm has had much experience with juvenile cases. Being familiar with the various problems involved, we provide the necessary services and support for both the juvenile and the concerned parents alike.


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