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At a time of significant change in the legal industry, we are determined to continue being relevant as we have done since we were established in 1999. With a team of 30 lawyers and over 40 support staff, the firm has the resources and expertise to serve in all areas of the law.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We are dedicated to achieving winning outcomes for our clients no matter the jurisdiction, institution or tribunal. In our effort to provide the best legal solution, we help our clients to work out a dispute road-map, identify potential hurdles and the areas that need close attention. We are pro-active and we guide our client throughout by assisting, advising and complying with the client’s needs every step of the way with the expertise and resources at our disposal.

We are reputable when it comes to solving disputes through the mechanisms available. We provide a full and comprehensive service both locally and globally. Our extensive expertise in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution is not limited to Singapore but stretches across all of the principal jurisdictions in Asia and beyond.

We actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution available and advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them and to a particular matter. Our main priority is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with as little disruption to the individual and / or business as possible – recognition of this is central to how we approach any matter.

We regularly act for a select clientele comprising financial institutions, local companies, statutory boards, insolvency practitioners and accounting firms.

We are pleased to offer the following array of services to clients seeking assistance in matters of dispute resolution.


We work far beyond the borders of Singapore and our success has established our reputation as a leading arbitration practice. We handle the full spectrum of international arbitration across various industry sectors, including financial, commercial, construction, international sales, investment, transport and trade.

Expert Arbitrators

TIC is pleased to offer its services to clients seeking to arbitrate matters as well as parties who require an arbitrator. The Firm and select lawyers therein have handled international arbitration involving commodities, insurable interests and disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions.

Amongst the Firm’s solicitors is a Fellow of the Singapore institute of Arbitrators as well as numerous other colleagues who are active in the practice of arbitration. One of lawyers is a “President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration’s Award” winner in the year 2005.

Resolving Million Dollar Disputes

In acting as Arbitrator, the Firm’s solicitors have acted a multi-million commodity contract disputes. We look forward to being of service to you in either capacity, of counsel or that of arbitrator.

Banking & Commercial Litigation

Wide spectrum of commercial litigation for clients in the areas of banking and hire-purchase.

Ready to Advise

We have advised companies in the areas of banking, hire-purchase and corporate law. We are at all times ready to advise new ventures on the applicability of commercial law with respect to the new ventures.

A Long View

In our effort to provide the best legal solution, we help our clients to work out the rroadmap identify potential pitfalls and the areas that need close attention.


We guide our client throughout by assisting, advising and complying with the client’s needs every step of the way with the expertise and resources at our disposal. We have acted in a wide spectrum of commercial cases.

Civil Litigation

​Thorough analysis, carefully building a case, preparing the client.

Legal Representation

We act for several large companies in a variety of matters. We act for personal litigants from every strata of society.


The litigation process begins with an in-depth look into the facts of each client’s case. After a thorough analysis of the client’s position, we proceed with carefully building a case, preparing the client and assembling a body of evidence. We carefully craft a case that can be supported by the evidence and the legal issues. Thereafter, all relevant interlocutory applications are taken out / resisted for the client and in-depth research on the law for the matter conducted.

Proper preparation of the client

We are aware of the litigation stress that all litigants have to endure and strive to make the litigation process as cost and time efficient as possible.

Positive Action

The increasingly fast pace of the process of litigation is matched by our growing reserve of expertise and experience and the high level of synergy and cooperation amongst every member of our Firm.

Cross Border

Where necessary we can call upon our network of contacts in other jurisdictions. This is to provide timely and jurisdiction relevant advise and action when called upon. Jurisdictions as diverse as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, the United Kingdom are within our network.

Involved & Updated

Throughout the case the client remains directly involved and is updated on developments and arising issues. In short, every resource is mobilised and our fullest efforts are channeled towards concluding the litigation process with the best possible outcome.

Action Team

​We are frequently requested to take over large matters on exigent and accelerated timelines. We thrive on this pressure and our resilient, committed litigators make the most of a 24 hour day.

Criminal Litigation

​Securing the best possible outcome for the client with committed and flexible service.​

Best Outcome

Facing a criminal charge can be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. In dealing with such a case, topmost in our minds is securing the best possible outcome for the client with committed and flexible service. Because, at times such as these, the last thing the client should feel is burdened by strict hourly-rates.

Productive Analysis

The client needs a lawyer who is ready to provide a productive analysis of his situation, one with a proactive strategy who is passionate for his defence.

Passionate Defence

Our Firm is focused on building a strong, credible defence; and, in appropriate cases, highlighting any and all mitigating factors clearly before the court.

Proactive Strategy

Another important task is to fully prepare the client for the rigours of the trial, ensuring that the client is aware of his options and is satisfied with the approach chosen for his defence.

White-Collar Crime

If you are charged with a white-collar crime, you would do well to engage a lawyer with the specialist knowledge and experience this area. Our lead Partner in Criminal Litigation Practice was attached to Singapore’s one and only white-collar crime enforcement agency for two years, advising CAD investigators on money laundering, prosecutorial and investigative matters.

Decades of experience

Our criminal lawyers have combined experience of more than two decades acting as both prosecuting and defence counsel, having served as Deputy Public Prosecutor or prosecutors in Government Ministries prior to joining the Firm.

Military / Court Martial Cases

We also have lawyers who were a former military prosecutor and former President, General Court Martial Centre both of whom have vast experience in military prosecutorial and defense matters.

Juvenile Cases

​The Firm has had much experience with juvenile cases. Being familiar with the various problems involved, we provide the necessary services and support for both the juvenile and the concerned parents alike.

Family & Matrimonial Law

Working towards a fair and amicable conclusion, we advise clients on their rights and responsibilities.

Local or multi-jurisdictional

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in handling complex and delicate family disputes, often involving multi-jurisdictional issues and foreign assets.

Sensitivity and discretion

We provide our clients with solutions to suit their unique circumstances and concerns, and manage their matters with sensitivity and discretion. Particular care is given to safeguard the welfare of children and the resolution of complicated financial issues.

Co-operative and conciliatory

The Courts have implemented changes to the divorce process to encourage a more co-operative and conciliatory manner of resolving family disputes. This presents a shift from the former adversarial culture. Mandatory counseling has been introduced for divorcing parents with young children.

Contentious matters to successful resolutions

Divorce can be a traumatic and stressful time for all involved. Even though our team is regularly engaged to handle particularly contentious matters, wherever possible, we have also helped numerous clients reach successful resolutions through the process of mediation.

We act and advise on:

  • Divorce, judicial separation and annulment
  • Custody and guardianship
  • Division of matrimonial assets
  • Maintenance disputes
  • Domestic violence
  • Asset planning and protection

Building & Construction Law

Time is money and disputes affect cash flow and the availability of operating capital.


We provide sound advice in relation to non-contentious construction law inclusive of contract drafting and technical advice. A thorough review of each project with the client during the drafting process.

The firm offers the option of robust litigation in relation to contentious matters. If required, our expertise extends to alternative dispute resolution, inclusive of mediation at the Singapore Mediation Centre, domestic arbitration and international arbitration.

Action Team

If necessary, our network of contacts with consultant firms allow us speedy access to professional technical advice in relation to structural, architectural works, and other disciplines. Materials, specifications, additions and alterations are frequent issues which arise in construction disputes.

We are aware that cash flow is the life blood of this industry. Time is money and disputes affect cash flow and the availability of operation capital. Another familiar issue is the threat of liquidated damages can adversely affect the profit and health of construction ventures.

As mentioned above, our professional networks provide a strong technical basis for litigation in areas such as defects and incomplete works. Disputes may arise between a developer and contractors over matters such as materials, specifications and completion times.

Beneficial Conclusion

Ultimately the goal is, whether through negotiation, arbitration or litigation to achieve a beneficial conclusion to construction disputes.

Insurance Law

Our primary task is to expedite the process and support clients in securing the maximum benefits.

We are a one-stop solution for all your insurance needs.

We act for 3 major insurers. We handle their motor insurance claims, personal injury claims, and workmen compensation claims.

We also give advice on professional indemnity, directors and officer insurance matters. We are highly experienced in helping both insurers and insured.

We do works for honest private workshops and seldom come in conflict with insurance companies. We rely on our own list of experts and investigators, and produce outstanding results for both individuals and corporate clients.

Workman’s compensation

We have won cases on in the area of workman’s compensation at the Appellant Court of Singapore, and saved our corporate clients lots of money.

Aviation industry

In the area of aviation law, we acted for individuals and aviation companies and managed to secure very good settlements.

Bond recovery

As far as bond recovery matters, we have acted and recovered close to $1 million for the largest bond insurers in Singapore at one time.

Representing the individual

As far as our individual experience, we have helped at least 10 individuals whose insurance companies were seeking recovery against these individuals for breach of policy condition. We managed to do appeals for these individuals and ensure that the insurers rescind repudiation, saving each of them thousands of dollars, which was supposed to come out of their own pocket.


We have accredited mediators, providing alternative solutions for dispute resolution. Some of our lawyers are proud to be amongst the first set of lawyers to be trained in mediation in 1996. Amongst our lawyers are those who have been active in mediation, from the community level, and all the way to matters that have been dealt with at the Singapore Mediation Centre. Further, our lawyers have acted both in the capacity of counsel for clients in mediation as well as in the capacity of a mediator.

Experienced mediators

Solicitors from TIC are proud to be amongst the first cohort of lawyers to be trained as mediators as early as 1996. Amongst our lawyers, we count practising mediators who are active at both the community level and with matters elevated to the Singapore Mediation Centre.

Counsel or mediator

Our solicitors have both acted in the capacity of counsel for clients in mediation as well as in the capacity of a mediator.

Maritime & Shipping Law

Critical legal support to vessel owners, shipbuilders and dockyards.

Critical Support

As a law firm based in one of the busiest ports in the world, shipping work is a natural part of our practice. From our office in Boat Quay, we provide critical legal support to vessel owners, shipbuilders and dockyards.


​Our services include the preparation of contracts for the construction of vessels and legal documentation for insurance and ownership.

Aviation Law

Our team of lawyers has experience in the aviation industry, with Clients based in Singapore and the South East Asia region. With an aviation practice that spans across several aspects of the industry, including liaising with regulatory authorities, aircraft sale and purchase, aircraft leasing, airline alliances, mergers & acquisitions and litigation, our Clients can rely on us to provide precise advice and solutions for both transactional and contentious work.

 Corporate and Financing Transactions 

Advising airlines, lessors, aircraft charter companies and financiers on transactions such as aircraft sale and purchase, wet and dry leasing arrangements, financing arrangements, air transport, maintenance and other service agreements. 


We have also advised on aviation disputes including aviation accidents and insurance issues, airline passenger claims, delivery disputes, defaults on leases and repossessions, disputes relating to aircraft parts, maintenance and repairs. 

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