Justin Chan

Head, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice

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LL.B. (Hons.), Nottingham
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore

Litigation & Dispute Resolution


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● An experienced practitioner of all forms of dispute resolution, Justin counsels clients on a
broad spectrum of civil, matrimonial and corporate matters.
● Justin has acted for and advised clients in various proceedings including contentious
probate and administration, equity and trusts, director’s duties, restraint of trade,
construction claims, intellectual property, and shareholders disputes.
● Justin is experienced in practicing across national borders as his cases have often
required him taking instructions and liaising with lawyers in foreign countries, including
firms in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.
● In his free time, Justin enjoys fishing and paddle boarding.
Educational background & Qualifications
● University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2000
o Bachelor of Laws
● Admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court, Singapore, 2003
● Justin has built up a strong body of work that includes trusts and equitable remedies,
building and construction,intellectual property, director’s duties, restraint of trade and
confidential information, shareholder disputes and matrimonial issues.
● Justin practised at Drew & Napier LLC before joining Tito Isaac & Co LLP in 2004.
● Justin served as Head Intelligence Officer for the 56th Singapore Armour Brigade before
stepping down in 2017 with the rank of Major (NS).


Notable Cases

Trusts and Equitable Remedies
● Acted for the Estate of a successful businesswoman who added her live-in boyfriend as
a joint account holder of her largest liquid asset. Her boyfriend had not contributed any
money to the joint account but alleged that he was entitled to its entirety when she
passed away. After her death, her Estate sought a declaration that the joint account
monies belonged to her solely under a Resulting Trust, thus ensuring that the boyfriend
did not benefit from it.
● Successfully resolved an international case involving an Australian “Socceroo” whose
Vietnamese wife had transferred substantial sums of money from their joint account to
another account out of jurisdiction. He contended that those monies solely belonged to
him because of a ResultingTrust.

Credit and Security – Money and Moneylenders
● Successfully acted for a businesswoman who had lent significant amounts of money to a
fraudster on four occasions. On two of those occasions, a third party guaranteed the
sums owed by the fraudster. The businesswoman sued on the guarantees. At first, the
court found the two guarantees void as they believed that they were premised on money
lending agreements. The apex court reversed that decision, on grounds that, amongst
other things, Section 3 of the Money Lenders Act did not apply to the loan agreements.
The decision by the apex court allowed the businesswoman to recoup her lost funds.

Employment Disputes
● Successfully acted for the Defendant who was the company’s Asia-Pacific Chief Sales
Officer against the Plaintiff which was a large and renowned assurance house. The
Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant breached his obligations under the employment
contract and/or his fiduciary obligations by collaborating with his future employers.
● Ably represented Singapore’s leading water leakage detection services and rectification
company in an action against an ex-employee on the grounds of breach of confidential
information, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of restraint of trade provisions.
Corporate Matters
● Successfully procured interim and final judgments for creditors of a company so that they
got their dues. The Plaintiff had lent large sums of money to a company who represented
that a public listing was imminent while in actuality the Defendant company was in the
process of winding up and its director was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Contractual Matters
● Acted for the Plaintiff in a series of disputes centered on the alleged defective
construction of four semi-detached houses. The case involved discussions on a myriad
of legal issues including what constituted a contract, delays in the completion of the
property, the effect of a settlement agreement, defects in the property, warranties and the
payment of liquidated damages.
● Acted for the Defendant developer in a dispute over the construction of 22 units of
apartments by the Plaintiff who was the main contractor. The Plaintiff claimed
compensation for undervalued works and wrongful termination. In the Defendant’s
counterclaim, the Defendant contended that the Plaintiff failed to provide an acceptable
master construction programme and that the Plaintiff had delayed the project for more
than nine months. Additionally, the Defendant claimed for rectification of the Plaintiff’s
severely defective works.

Family Law
● Achieved an adoption order for a grandmother who wished to adopt her own grandsons
in a landmark Family Court decision.
● Represented parties in the following matrimonial cases:
o Variation of maintenance claims by husband or wife
o Procurement of custody, care and control orders
o Divisional of matrimonial property

Contentious and Non-Contentious Probate and Administration
● Acted in a multi-jurisdictional dispute pertaining to the legacies of an established
businessman. Allegations were cast as to his lack of mental capacity and free will when
making such legacies.
● Acted for a beneficiary of the Estate in a multi-jurisdictional dispute. Allegations were
made that the deceased’s signature on his Last Will & Testament was forged.
● Acted for family members in a contest made upon two Wills executed by a wealthy
businessman. Allegations were made by family members that his primary caregiver
unduly influenced him to execute his Wills which gave her the lion’s share of his estate.

Anton Piller Applications
● Experienced Supervising Solicitor who regularly undertakes such applications


Why Tito Isaac & Co?
● “I work in a full-service family-orientated firm. There are no rigid corporate structures
here. My personal assistant calls me “Ah Chan”. My associates call me “Justin”. This
environment allows me to service you from a comfortable, trust-based environment
focused on deliverables. Along with being committed to presenting your case at its
highest, I also strive to establish long-standing and mutually rewarding relationships
with my clients. Most have become friends.”

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