Kawal Pal Singh

Kawal Pal Singh

Kawal Pal Singh

Partner, Litigation Department


LL.B. (Hons.), Southampton
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore


Kawal Pal Singh graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in July 2014, and was admitted to the roll of Advocates and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2016. Thereafter, he joined Tito Isaac & Co LLP in September 2016. Prior to joining us, Kawal completed his legal training at a local law firm where he assisted a prominent Senior Counsel in a variety of complex criminal & commercial litigation and international arbitration matters.

Kawal’s area of practise primarily focuses on Dispute Resolution through the means of Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation. Kawal has led an array of cases at the State Courts and High Court since being admitted to the Singapore Bar. Kawal has also been active acting as Counsel in International Arbitration matters in the area of commercial disputes. Currently he is an Associate Member with the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators. Apart from the contentious work, Kawal has been involved in non-contentious transactional matters such as Merger & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring and drafting & reviewing of corporate agreements.

Passion for the Law and Litigation

There are a couple of reasons why Kawal chose to practice law, in the area of Dispute Resolution. First, he enjoys the adversarial concept of Singapore’s legal system. The opportunity to advocate his views and arguments against an opposing lawyer, before a Judge in a courtroom (or an Arbitrator in Arbitration proceedings), excites him. The second motivating factor is that he enjoys interacting and building professional relationships with individuals from various professional and cultural backgrounds. It is important to him that in any case, he works closely with the client. He strongly feels that a client needs to be informed of not only the merits of the case but also the strategy and nuances of the arguments. Kawal feels that practising the law is a calling and his fulfilment comes from the satisfaction he gets when helping clients realise their rights, while respecting the bounds of the law and ethics.

Business Experience

Practising the law is Kawal’s second profession as he was a consumer electronics trader for seven (7) years. He has experience and knowledge about the trading business, particularly in the distribution of consumer electronics products in the African continent. His business and client-care experience bring confidence and calmness to clients and his perseverance and focus assures clients that the best possible outcome, in their cases, will be striven.

Service To The Community

Believing in giving back to the community, Kawal is an active volunteer within the Sikh Community in Singapore. He was previously the Secretary of the Coordinating Council of Sikh Institutions, a council which plays a key role in assisting all local Sikh institutions to coordinate and complement each other and he was also the President of the Sikh Sewaks Singapore, a Sikh youth organisation which is committed to identifying key challenges faced by youth and implementing sustainable programmes to support them. Besides giving back within the Sikh Community, Kawal volunteers regularly in Grassroots Organisations, Non-Profit Organisations as well as in Government led initiatives to support the less fortunate in Singapore.

Notable Cases:

  • Obtained summary judgment for a claim worth SGD 1 million in a High Court.
  • Assisted in a SIAC Arbitration involving a transfer of shares dispute worth in excess of USD 6 million.
  • Have obtained final judgments for several clients in District Court cases followed by helping his clients regain their entitlements through successful enforcement proceedings.
  • Successfully obtained orders on behalf of government linked agencies in their claims.
  • Directly assisted a prominent Senior Counsel in the high-profile City Harvest case.
“If you know you are right, do not turn left.” – Kawal

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