Lee Wei Yung

Lee Wei Yung

Lee Wei Yung

Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice


LL.B. (Hons.)
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore


Wei Yung was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1992.

He has been involved in various aspects of litigation and commercial work.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in servicing both local and multinational clients in both litigation and corporate work including corporate finance related regulatory advisory work.

He has acted in various litigation matters involving a range of shipping issues (including charterparties, and vessel construction and sale disputes), carriage of goods by sea, air and multimodal transport, major aviation accidents involving airliners, insurance (marine and non-marine), oil and gas (all three streams) and engineering claims.

He is a fellow of the SIARB and serves on committees of the SIARB.

He is a facilitative mediator accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre. He is a civil and commercial mediator, and an evaluative mediator by accredited the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

He is a member of the Singapore Chambers of Maritime Arbitration.

He has a Masters in Commercial Law with specialisations in Carriage of Goods including multimodal carriage, Marine Insurance, Company Law and Corporate Finance Regulation.

He is at present a partner in Tito Isaac & Co LLP specialising in commercial litigation with emphasis in transport and corporate litigation.

He enjoys running and involves himself in various kinds of community work including homeless outreach.


Other information

He was a regular Senior Officer in the Singapore Police involved in the investigation of a wide range of criminal and “routine” cases before returning to a legal career.


Some Notable Work

Transport (Sea, Air and Land)

Acting for a party in a claim for hire in a time charterparty matter involving issues of off-hire.

Acting for parties in a freight claim for voyage charter and sub-charter.

Acting for ship agents in matters involving payments for ship agency services.

Acting for party in a dispute concerning ship fabrication and bow thrusters.

Acting for forwarders in multimodal carriage of goods claims.

Acting for an upstream oil company in a dispute concerning JOC commitments in exploration, drilling and production.

Acting for oil rig and e-houses fabricator in a contract claim.

Acting for transporter and forwarder of oil rigs based out of Baku in a claim for freight.

Acting for contractors of distillates, decant oil, gasoline involving a chain of oil majors, suppliers and NOC concerning supply of oil out of Indonesia in a matter involving multiple arbitration claims.

Acting for passengers in aviation accident claims under the Unamended Warsaw Convention under Schedule 2 of the Carriage by Air Act (Cap 32A).

Acting for cabin crew in an aviation accident claim.

Acting for forwarders in a claim for freight in carriage of goods by air matter.

Acting for warehouse and cargo handlers in a claim concerning airfreighted goods.

Acting for owners in seizure of vessel by Customs.


Corporate Litigation

Acting for party in minority oppression (unfair prejudice) matter involving issues of an O’Neil v Phillips offer and valuation of shares.

Acting for parties in a corporate litigation matter involving derivative action under s. 216A of the Companies Act (Cap 50).

Acting for company against director involving issues of diversion of business and not acting in the best of the company.


Corporate Finance

 Advisory work and drafting agreements on closed-end fund.

Advisory work on physical delivery of foreign currency.

Advisory work on licensing requirements under the Financial Advisers Act Cap 110, and issues of fund management.

Advisory work on the coverage of the exemptions under s. 27(1)(d) of the Financial Advisers Regulations Cap 110.

Advisory work on exemptions under the Security and Future Act Cap 289.


Family Law

Represented a party simultaneously involved in family civil maintenance claim and a quasi-criminal claim for maintenance under the MSS scheme amounting of about USD 4 million.


Probate (Contested)

Represented executor in a dispute between beneficiaries to a large estate valued in excess of S$50 million.

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