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For our latest TIC Talks we were pleased to have welcomed Thomas J Cooper to speak to us about entrepreneurship.

Tom is Senior Vice-President of Sales and Business Development at Nextivity Inc (https://www.cel-fi.com).  Nextivity is a developer and manufacturer of residential and enterprise 3G/4G/5G/LTE wireless systems, software, mobile APPs focussed on mobile indoor performance and coverage issues. After spending the early part of his career with computer giant Hewlett-Packard (https://www.hp.com), Tom went on to start up his own computer-related businesses. His career spans four decades and various sectors of the US infotech industry. Tom who modestly describes himself as “just a guy” spoke about his “accidental journey to Silicon Valley — and beyond”. 

Tito Isaac & Co LLP proudly launches 'TIC Talks!'. Our very own monthly internal lecture and activity series.

In this hyper-connected , disrupted world of artificial intelligence and big data, the people behind the systems are more important than ever.

As such, we want to stop, listen, think, talk and share ideas to  help to improve interactions for everyone within our reach. We want to give our most important asset, our people, time to think, time for ideas and time to be a community. Simply, time to be one of the greatest of all things, just human.

As a law firm, we are fully embracing the future and new technology, but we're always mindful that our Clients are People and so are we.

A short article about Lawyers and Industry 4.0

The inaugural lecture features Ganesh Subramaniam who brings some enlightening insights into Industry 4.0  with his talk on Smart Practices.

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