We execute legal solutions that preserve, protect and build
on strategic interests and business positions.
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Tito Isaac & Co LLP proudly launches ‘TIC Talks!’. Our very own monthly internal lecture and activity series.

In this hyper-connected , disrupted world of artificial intelligence and big data, the people behind the systems are more important than ever.

As such, we want to stop, listen, think, talk and share ideas to  help to improve interactions for everyone within our reach. We want to give our most important asset, our people, time to think, time for ideas and time to be a community. Simply, time to be one of the greatest of all things, just human.

As a law firm, we are fully embracing the future and new technology, but we’re always mindful that our Clients are People and so are we.

A short article about Lawyers and Industry 4.0

The inaugural lecture features Ganesh Subramaniam who brings some enlightening insights into Industry 4.0  with his talk on Smart Practices.


First ever Grounds of Decision on Voluntary Arrangements.

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East meets West:

Asian values and strong work ethic with contemporary approaches to problem-solving

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We plot pragmatic and cost-effective dispute resolution roadmaps to work towards achieving the best outcome for every situation and budget. Learn More

Corporate and Commercial

We handle a variety of domestic and cross-border corporate and commercial matters across a wide spectrum of established and emerging industries. Learn More

Specialist and Private Client Interests

We deliver holistic advice on legal and strategic issues in Criminal Law & White Collar Crimes, Family Law and Wills, Probate & Estate matters. Learn More

Who we are

Tito Isaac & Co is a homegrown, Singapore law practice founded in 1999. We advise, plan and execute legal solutions to help individuals and enterprises preserve, protect and build on their strategic interests and business positions.

We provide a full suite of services ranging from litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, specialist & private client interests to corporate advisory and transactional work.

Our counsel is swift, efficient, responsive and decisive, and seamlessly integrates into every client’s activities and operations. We tailor our approach to each case based on its own unique and dynamic needs using human-centered methods for creative problem-solving and innovative, but sensible, solutioning.

Our legal advice and solutions are designed to be successfully applied in a diversity of industries and markets including SMEs, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Startup & Fintech, Hospitality, F&B, Retail, Healthcare, Government and Public Works as well as matters with a regional and ASEAN dimension.

Our story

We’ve noticed that more and more, people are looking for an integrated solution to their legal needs.

We put it down to intensified competition and today’s rapidly evolving methods of doing business and clients’ expectations.

Lawyers are trying to stay ahead of the game, and realising that they need to project a holistic message and take a nuanced approach – one in which pragmatism and specialised industry knowledge effectively ties in with other forms of legal and strategic advice to succinctly deliver a coherent problem-solving roadmap.

This is a blueprint that has become the bedrock of how Tito Isaac & Co takes care of business.

Our multidisciplinary law practice stems from a broad conceptualisation of legal services – one that encompasses business strategy, design thinking, finance, and other aspects of project and case management. At Tito Isaac, we are inspired by the promise of rebalancing fairness and adding value in our everyday relationships and environments – and into our lives.

Our team

Our lawyers are recognised specialists in all areas of commercial law and handle disputes and transactions across the full spectrum of the business and financial world.
Tito Isaac

Tito Isaac

Managing Partner

+65 6730 6006
[email protected]

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Justin Chan

Justin Chan

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution

+65 6730 6001
[email protected]

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We are indeed happy to announce that our firm has been recognised as a SMARTLAW Singapore Law Practice by the Law Society. The SMARTLAW recognition is awarded to law firms that have adopted technology to improve its work and to increase its productivity.

Our firm has over the years adopted several technologies, and online research tools. In addition, we are also digitising our files, a work in progress.  The adoption of technologies, and research tools has enable us to improve our work, and to increase our efficiency. These has enabled us to provide sterling services, and care to our clients.


“When we needed legal representation, we immediately thought of Tito Isaac & Co. Kawal was assigned to our matter. He exceeded our expectations, working tirelessly, exploring every avenue and patiently advising us on our options; in the end, we achieved the best outcome we could hope for, with minimal stress. We are definitely going back to Tito Isaac & Co. for all our legal needs.” Sebastian V.

“As a professional couple working in Singapore, we regrettably found ourselves involved in a commercial dispute with a large multi-national company. We approach Tito Isaac & Co. to assist us in resolving the matter in a timely and amicable manner. This was certainly achieved, with our sincere appreciation going to Mr. Kawal Singh for his unwavering professionalism and expert counsel.” Maija Burtmanis & Chris Mead

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