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A message from Justin Chan, our Senior Partner and Head, Dispute Resolution.

We live in challenging times.

Our leaders have spoken. The circuit breaker is in place.

As a law firm we would like to help. We want to do what we can, with what we have, where we are.

What we have is legal knowledge. Whilst we can provide very many written articles on everyday legal problems, we believe that there is no substitute for a listening ear.

Where we are? We are segregated. In this time of social segregation and isolation it may be connection that is the key. Novel means of connection such as Zoom must be embraced.

What we can do is to set aside 1 hour, every Wednesday of every week from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. to answer legal questions from the general public.

Slots will be made available by registration through the interface to the right. The consult will be conducted via telephone conference or Zoom. After registration, the phone no. to dial or the personal link name will be sent to as many of you as we can via email.

Sometimes all that is required is a short chat.

In the meantime we wish you and your families well. Stay safe.


During these trying times we remain committed to maintain full-service scope utilizing a hybrid system of team rotation, office segregation and remote operation. We have already received instruction on various legal issues which arise from Covid-19.

To our existing clients, you remain valued and appreciated. We anticipate wide ranging effects of this pandemic. Substantial business interruption will happen. There are DAILY changes to the legal landscape, creating uncertainty and anxiety to corporate and individual litigants.

In this world of social segregation, a listening ear may be the best form of connection. We anticipate that you will have pressing questions regarding the following areas of law:-

Wage cuts, termination, withdrawal of bonuses, breach of contract

Debt Collection and recovery:
Delayed payment, difficulties in collection of invoices, Government restrictions on litigation in relation to specific contracts

Delayed projects, supply chain, critical path, extension of time

Landlord and Tenant:
Evictions, breach of warranty, diplomatic clauses, re-entry

Credit and Banking:
Extension of credit terms, recovery issues, collection of personal data.

Family Law:
Difficulties with enforcement of maintenance, increased domestic tension caused by stay home orders, access rights.

Criminal matters:
Possible effects on sentencing, hearing dates, mitigation pleas.

Effective resolution via video conferencing

We find that a simple chat often alleviates your concerns. Even knowing the nature of the legal problem and understanding your options going forward gives comfort.
Do not hesitate to call us.

20 July 2020

Criminal Investigation In Singapore

The investigation process in Singapore; power of police vis-a-vis witnesses;, power of police vis-a-vis the accused in an arrestable officence; and practical points to note for a person facing investigation.

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14 July 2020

Silence Is Golden:
When Does This Hold True During Investigations?

In Singapore, there is a statutory right against self-incrimination. A person being investigated need not say anything that may expose him to a criminal charge, penalty or forfeiture. However, at the same time, a person should state a defence as soon as possible, such as at the point in time of investigations, otherwise an adverse inference may be drawn from raising a defence at a later stage.

In this article, we discuss the law on the right against self-incrimination and the law on when an adverse inference may be drawn against a person staying silent. We also provide a list of practical considerations when a person is being investigated in deciding whether to remain silent.

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23 June 2020

How to Make Your Contracts Pandemic-Proof

Its about minimizing liability in a COVID-19 world

Six months after it announced its arrival to the world, COVID-19 continues to have a devastating impact on life around the globe. Singapore is no exception, with virtually no sector of the economy spared as measures to curb the virus has interfered with the ability of businesses to meet their contractual obligations. In the wake of these global lockdowns and Singapore’s circuit-breaker, businesses are scrutinizing the terms of their contracts and agreements to find ways to minimize their liability for non-performance. This article highlights issues that parties may consider before entering into new contracts, or in seeking to amend existing contracts, in light of the pandemic.

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5 June 2020

Tito Isaac & Co LLP advises on
S$55.8 Million Asset Acquisition by Kimly Limited

Tito Isaac & Co LLP’s corporate department was recently engaged by Jin Wei Food Holdings Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the SGX Catalist-listed company, Kimly Limited, to advise on the acquisition of a portfolio of food outlet properties comprising, restaurant units, coffee shop leases, coffee shop units and industrial canteen units, for a total purchase consideration of S$55.8 million.

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20 May 2020

What is Dead May Never Die:
Reviving Struck Off Companies and Stay of Winding Up

During economic downturns, it is unsurprising that businesses may be forced to shut, and the company consequently struck off or wound up. More persistent entrepreneurs may start new companies and new businesses when the economy recovers. Is this cycle really necessary? Is there no way for the entrepreneurs to resurrect the existing company where much goodwill has accumulated?

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